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Mums with their Tots get together every Friday morning at 10:00 AM in the Marine City area and every Wednesday around 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM in Haeundae/ Marine City/ Centum City areas. The little ones hang around or play together and the Mums have a chat, sharing information. If you have a little one at home or are expecting a little one sometime soon, they would love for you to join the group. There are Mums with children ranging from Newborn up to two years joining in for the fun. The venue is different every week. Taking into account the different ages of the Tots in the group, they may have outdoor activities, going to the library, to a playground, the beach or meet at the kids cafe. Sometimes, the moms get together for a "night out".

If you sign up with their facebook account you can view the calendar. Share information and every week you will receive a message about the upcoming activity and where they will meet.

Everyone is welcome!

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Moms&Tots Group Coordinator
is Veronika Milow 
010-2724-2806 or @


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