Busan International Women's Association

Introduction to Biwa

Who we are and how we began

     In 1965 Biwa was founded by around 30 ladies from 4 or 5 different countries including the wife of the Mayor of Busan; the wife of the Governor of Kyong–nam; several other prominent members of the local Korean community; wives of the Commander and officers of Hialeah; and other expatriate ladies residing in the area.

BIWA is a group that exists to extend friendship and support and encourage cultural exchange amongst women of different cultures living in the Busan Kyungsang Namdo area.

     We are a charitable organization that seeks to help those in the local Korean community who are in need through our various fundraising efforts. Membership is open to any woman residing in the area who is interested in participating in these activities. Our Korean members are limited in number to one third of our total membership.

     Welfare Support: BIWA helps children's homes, disabled people, widows and the elderly in Busan or the Kyungsang Namdo area. To fund these charity programs, BIWA organizes two big fundraising events per year: a Christmas Bazaar in November or December and a Spring Ball in April or May.

     Members’ activities: In addition to charity, BIWA provides various social and cultural activities for its members throughout the year. We have women from all walks of life. There are monthly lunches, coffee mornings, regular special activities for Mum’s with Toddlers, tennis, hiking, craft activities, culture group and much more.

     Activity dates: BIWA functions (such as luncheons, coffee mornings and board meetings) are normally held on Wednesday’s, unless otherwise indicated.

Membership: BIWA membership fee for 2016-2017 is W60,000 total. W30,000 goes to BIWA administration fund, W10,000 towards raffle prizes and W20,000 for welfare.

     How to find out more: For more information about BIWA please email to or check our website